My Sweet Story


Hanna Sheinin

graduated with a MBA in marketing from Pepperdine Business School.  With her newly minted graduate degree in hand, Hanna decided to venture into the world of entrepreneurship.  By combining two of her most favorite loves, that of marketing and baking, it was her “dream job”.  From the outset, Hanna was able to identify that there was an undeniable desire for her mouthwatering cupcakes. Always striving for perfection, and to create a truly unique tasting experience, Hanna packed her bags and moved to Chicago to attend the L’Art de la Pâtisserie course at the world renown and prestigious French Pastry School.

As a little girl, Hanna had always dreamed of taking her grandmother’s Russian pastry recipes and turning them into modern desserts, allowing everyone to taste true European goodness. Hanna jokes that she was always the type to take one bite of three different chocolates, and put them back in the box. This is where the inspiration for My Sweet Mini started. She wanted people to be able to enjoy a bite size serving of all their favorite flavors, without the guilt or extra calories! From the customized toppings to the delicious fillings, each cupcake is made with the same love and attention to detail her grandmother baked with years before her.

In March 2013, Hanna partnered with Muse Lifestyle group and is currently working on opening the first My Sweet Mini Bake Shop.